A puzzle game about annoying people made for Github Game Off 2021. Fill up the Bugged-o-meter and search for collectable bugs!


  • Left Click to interact
  • Hold left click to drag, and release to drop and combine
  • Escape or P to pause (P will work better in the browser)
  • If you are stuck on a level, you can skip it from the pause menu and come back to it later!


  • Programming: Adam, Halden, and Megan
  • Music and sound effects: Halden
  • Art: Odette and Megan

Supported Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Edge

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(131 total ratings)
Authorsoctobass, adamskipadamski, Madmouseman, Odettica, majicmoo
Tags2D, Pixel Art, Point & Click


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this is a very very cool game, im a completionist so i liked the part where i had to collect the bugs, i also liked the style of the game too (colors/pixel) thanks for making this game!!

This is a damn nice game! Hope you participate in the GameOff 22 aswell cuz I'll do!

A fun little game! I definitely got stuck a few times and had to look up how to progress but I enjoyed it enough to play to the end. Great job y'all!

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Collectables...Nice game, not too hard. The next challenge: get ⭐⭐⭐ on each level... and find all the collectables ;)

i got all the bugs i wasted my time for nothing


i got the whole game maxed out (exept 3 stars on all levels:( )


How do i get through the gardening level?

I cant get pass the tittle scree. I pressed new game but I cant get anywhere.


Bro I'm stuckon level three


First of all just writing this comment feels so aesthetic as if I'm back at the 90's retro pc styles, second of all I love the art style and the concept of the game <3 Thankyou to the developers for making an enjoyable game (also thanks for making it free of cost U3U )


Star system confused me, and I figured out that I don't have to ruin everything to annoyto hell to get 3 stars, but otherwise - click only on those that matters to a meter.


This was such a fun and innovative concept. Great work! 


Had lots of fun! Definitely a good game.


Well this was an fun, quirky game that I just adored to death and back. It wasn't too tedious, but for sure, i'd love more games with this premise and style!


Fun game



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It'd be nice if there was a retry option on the level complete screen for those wanting to go for perfect scores instead of having to click "next level", then pause, then click "level select".

Or maybe, not have the star system at all? I mean, this game is all about trial and error to the point, that once you find the solution, it's trivial to go back and do it again perfectly. It's more like a judge if you somehow stumble on the right answer the first try. (Or watch someone else do it first.)


im bad and stuck on first level so help?


touch the alarm


i have a bug to report, i was playing the one where there is a girl watching tv in her room, and i kept flicking the light switch on and off, but each time i clicked the button, the switch got bigger.

good game

I have to say, I started to play this game without expectations, but I am so amazed with it! The graphics, the gameplay... even the collectables thing is so nice. Very immersive, creative, cute and fun. Good job guys for the awesome work ❤ Wish we could have more of this piece of art.

The art in this gameee 👀👌👌 AMAZING!!!

Oh god i had such a good time playing it. It was so fun and I couldn't hold back my laugh at the characters so annoyed 😆😆 it was so good!!

I'm looking forward for more 🤗❤️

That was so cute and fun! Looking forward to the longer version :)


I want moreeeee!!

The game was very cute and challenging. 

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How do you get the last creature? I've got them all except the one on the first pedestal. BTW very good game.<3

Its been 140 days, do you still need help?


very noice and cute game


Thanks for playing! :)

Fun and cute game!



This was super fun! The art was adorable, and it was such a chill little adventure. A few of the puzzles really stumped me, but nothing too bad. Props to the developers, I'd totally play a few hours long game based on this premise!(Also wow, pulling out the headphones was SUPER cruel)

Thanks for playing and for featuring it in your video! I'm happy you enjoyed it :)

We plan to release a full version, with more levels and some changes to the gameplay in the future!

Ooo! Can't wait for that, thanks for letting me know!

I cant start the game.

Hey :) What browser/device are you using? It currently only works on Chrome, Firefox & Edge.

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I'm using chrome on windows.

Retried it today and got it working! I don't know what happened, but it's over now.

Super cute graphics!

Thanks for playing!

it's really a nice game I really liked it umm Idk abt the stars but... it's a superb game a mystery..hoping for more like this

Thanks for playing! I'm happy you enjoyed it! We're planning on changing the star system for a different one in the future which will hopefully be more clear 🤞


Fun game! Couldn't figure out the star ratings. Would love to see an expanded version of this!


Thanks so much for playing & for your feedback! I'm glad you had fun! 


Lovely little game, it was really fun to just click around and interact with each environment. Although some later environments felt a bit more sparse apart from the puzzle-related items. Reminds me of Untitled Goose Game.

If you wanted to develop this further it might be fun to have levels with multiple solutions or objectives.

Is the star rating based on time or number of clicks?


Thanks for playing and for your feedback, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I'm happy you had fun interacting with the environments, we will try and add more stuff to the later levels too, so they are a bit more fleshed out!

The star rating is based on getting the mininum number of clicks to complete the level at the moment, but I think it would be better in the future if we got rid of the stars and instead have multiple solutions, like you mentioned, and then show how many you have completed overall at the end of each replay. I think that might be more fun for replayabilty of the levels!

Entertaining and cute! Also not confusing, which is great and rare.

Thanks for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)


how do i annoy the people in the credits?

Hi, thanks for playing! Sorry you can't annoy them, but thats a cool idea! Will maybe look at adding that in the future! :)

Thanks for the great game! I'd like to make a small donation to you if you don't mind, is there a contact point?

Thanks so much for playing, and for including us in your video! :) It's really fun to see people trying out our game in realtime!

We have updated our page to accept donations on download if you would still like to donate <3


can u pls make a walktnhrough

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Hi, we've made one here :) https://octobass.itch.io/dont-bug-me/devlog/323952/walkthrough-dont-bug-me


the light switch getting bigger, every time I click it..

Thanks for telling us about this bug! We will look at fixing after this month once the Github Game Off Jam is complete!

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great game but how tf do you do the coffee level

Thanks for playing! We've made a walkthrough here: https://octobass.itch.io/dont-bug-me/devlog/323952/walkthrough-dont-bug-me

(coffee level is level 8 on it :D )

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