A rhythm game, made for Github GameOff 2022. Help Viola find her cat and get her tongue back!

For best experience download or play in Chrome.



Play notes in time with the music using the arrow keys or wasd.

Hard Mode: Play chords by playing multiple notes

Get medals by earning high scores! Theres 4 medals to get: bronze, silver, gold, platinum.

50 x combo gives to you a 2 times multiplier!

When at home you can move using left arrow & right arrow, or A D keys.

Levels can be skipped via the pause menu.

p/escape to pause.

Progress will be auto-saved when you complete a level.

Level select can be accessed via your phone.

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
Authorsoctobass, adamskipadamski, majicmoo, Madmouseman, Odettica
TagsCats, Female Protagonist, High Score, Music, Pixel Art


cat-got-your-tongue-windows.zip 56 MB


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Very nice game! A bit difficult fur me, because I never really played this genre, but the art and music are great!

I rarely play rhythm games because I'm not good at them, ahah, but I wanted to try!

And I did a letsplay! 

What I like:

  • Easy levels are really simple! (this is a huge plus for people like me)
  • Changing background on the levels, which also changes the atmosphere
  • Unexpected transformations!
  • Cute story (and the dancing girl!)

Some suggestions:

  • The music on the levels is a bit long for me, and I can't notice when its end will be due to stability (is the right word to explain?) music
  • I'm not sure if this is a bug, but I think so: in hard mode, even if I press the right key, it still doesn't count

I would also be very grateful if you add the Female Protagonist tag!

Thanks so much for playing and for featuring us in your video! <3

For the hard mode, it is a bit tricky, as there are chords where you have to play 2/3/4 notes at the same time for them to register! So if you just play one note it does not count. We will try to think of a way to explain this better to the player :)

We will also have a think of how best to indicate the level lengths. Thanks for your feedback!

Thanks for the suggestion, we will get that tag added, but will have to wait for the end of the jam as not sure what the rules are on editing the page while it's ongoing! ^^;

Oh, now I understand that it was necessary to press two or more buttons at the same time, thank you for explaining this to me!
And thank you again for your game!